Finding Your Voice

We all have a story to tell, a personal opinion to share and a voice that needs to be heard. Keeping them to ourselves is not always the best decision; because there is probably someone out there waiting to hear it. In other words, most experiences in life are not supposed to be exclusively yours. They are meant to be shared in love, at the right time, and to the right people.

Nowadays, the focus is on being politically correct. In a world dominated by Social Media, and with our vast collections of virtual ‘friends’ and ‘likes’, we are afraid to rock the boat. If we dare say the wrong things, then people will vote with their silence or ‘unfriend’ you at the click of a button. You are at great risk of being left out in the cold to wither under the gaze of the public eye, while they watch from the shadowy sidelines.

For several years, almost a decade now, I chose to be quiet and keep most of my personal thoughts and opinions to myself. The trouble with that is, when you don’t speak up, you leave everyone to reach their own conclusions. Since we all know that silence can often mean giving over of your full consent, total agreement, and absolute permission; then you are leaving yourself open to unnecessary speculation.

Then I was afraid to say too much or too little. I needed to learn how to be more sensitive, discerning and apply wisdom at all times. The truth can be difficult and a bitter pill to swallow. No one wants to hear their truth; because it can be too much to bear.

When I have had the opportunity to share, I have always been careful to say the things that I have been led to say. At that moment in time, I am standing in Office, and everybody under the sound of my voice is being addressed. Including myself. Just because I’m sharing, it does not mean that I have suddenly become perfect and flawless. I hear myself as if for the first time, and I minister to myself too. Please don’t get mad because the Truth came and socked you one on the side of the head.

You have to get to a place where you are not afraid to speak the Truth, you don’t worry about what people think or say, and most importantly, you must know how to speak in love. That’s where you will find your voice.

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