It’s never too late…

It has been a couple of really busy months for me. So much unexpected change has occurred. Things that I had put on hold, out of frustration and regret, have become relevant again.

To think that I had almost given up?

Suddenly there’s almost too much for me to do, and the days fly by in a haze of tiny accomplishments. At the end of the week, I can look back and smile with a sense gratefulness and deep satisfaction, knowing that things are beginning to take shape.

To think that I was ready to pass the baton?

However at this point, I must emphasise that it has not been in my strength, and only God could have orchestrated it all. He has a way of bringing people of like minds together, to achieve the unexpected; and it’s always done in His time. No one else can take the credit for it. It can never be rushed.

It’s been a while since I have felt a deeper fulfilment in my heart, and I know that it’s only because I have stepped out of the permissive into His perfect will. It’s where all falsities are discarded and self is put to death.

I have no more personal agendas to pursue because I’m fully invested in His vision for my life and everything else blurs into absolute insignificance.

That’s why I know it’s never too late, when you focus on the things of God.

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