Risk it now

It has been a very interesting year for me so far, and I have been riding a rollercoaster of emotions. Excitement coupled with complete bewilderment seems to have replaced fear. Right now, there has never been a more satisfying feeling in my gut, that I have been able to overcome one of the megalithic traits that has paralysed and impeded my progress.

Risk, can also be likened to chance, a wager or bet. The idea of exposing myself to probability has always frightened me. It has always been in my nature to overthink things through, and then do it some more, just to be on the safe side.

That’s why I prefer to write things down, to give me the opportunity to revise, restructure, or edit. Words that have been spoken in haste can never be unspoken. To retract them would be tedious and a complete waste of precious time; with the tendency of looking stupid in the process. Don’t do it. Anyway, I digress.

In taking risks and allowing myself to feel vulnerable, I have gained strength. I am more open to new learning and experiences.

This has refreshed the stale atmosphere in which I festered, growing used to the smell of dry rot from decaying dreams. Ignoring the discomfort of seeping bed sours, caused by the lack of movement from being stagnant for decades. My frail wasting body was stuck in a time warp of my own making, and I could have perished.

OK, I know that sounds very dramatic but the message is clear. Whatever you have to do, don’t wait until the perfect moment. Risk it now!

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