Temi is the Founder & Creative Director at TNP Creations, a brand that is geared towards the creative expression of Faith and Culture.

The culmination of a background rich in African culture and a Christian faith, Temi Natasha Peters has created a platform for the freedom of expression; with the aim of being a positive influence on a younger generation of people.

Temi writes and also illustrates ‘picture books’ geared towards an audience of young adults, and some adults with special needs. The concept being that any particular subject matter can be shared in small doses, with simple ‘childlike’ illustrations and colours that will appeal to the childlike mindset.

“This is the mandate that has been laid upon my heart. To take a childlike approach to teaching and sharing life experiences in the simplest ways possible, as if teaching a child.”

The result is a small picture book that is packed with a distinct message. The language is very simple and concise; the expectation being that they can be read at a sitting, but the impact of the message will be long-lasting.

“I am hoping that they are books that you would want to keep or collect if they strike a special chord in your heart. Then they can be shared for generations to come. Most topics are drawn from my faith, cultural background, personal experiences or deep passions that I would like to share with you.”

In 2018, Temi has recently created a new brand of Encouragement Cards named Cultured Faith.

“I couldn’t find anything representative of who I am and where I come from…so I created my own brand.”

The original artwork features African Natural hair in all its diverse textures and styles. It is also an opportunity to cultivate a sense of self-worth and encourage positive affirmation within our community.

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