I don’t know how to rehearse worship. I could go through the list of songs; maybe look at rearranging their order and select the right keys for each song, but that’s about it really. My understanding is that you are either rehearsing the singing or having worship. I can’t do both. I say this because […]

I lie awake here, in my comfy bed, wrapped up in my duvet with my feet sticking out the end. It’s 3am and the house is cold; until the heating comes on in about three hours. This is one of my favourite moments; when the night seems no longer like the night; and it’s not […]

  I decided to create a pocket version of my book to make it more accessible to the readers that need it most. The other formats are for those who wish to have a copy to keep for their personal collection. It is great to receive all the positive feedback from my readers, who have […]