I decided to create a pocket version of my book to make it more accessible to the readers that need it most. The other formats are for those who wish to have a copy to keep for their personal collection.

It is great to receive all the positive feedback from my readers, who have told me the impact that this little book has had in their lives. Children, young adults and some adults with dyslexia have been drawn to the pages, as the simple colourful images help to drive home the message in the book.

ipaw 6

To think that I held back on publicising the idea behind the book because I thought that nobody would get it, or they just wouldn’t take such a ‘simple’ concept too seriously.  The lessons I have learnt here are;

God always uses the foolish to confound the wise.

There is nothing too small for God to use for his Glory.

When God gives you a vision, run with it.

If you are interested in writing a review or have any feedback, please complete the form on the contact page and I will always get in touch with you.

Blessings. x

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